Anonymous asked:

i'm new to radical feminism, and i'm really loving what i'm learning and its such a breath of fresh air and rationality in comparison to the "fun" liberal feminism i was surrounded by. i noticed a lot of radfems wear a lot of makeup and some wear heels and are fashion/consumer conscientious. in my mind this goes against some of the tenets of radical feminism, do they not?

askaradfem answered:

Yes they do. However, we’re only humans and just as susceptible to the feminine socialization as any other woman, and the consequences for deviating from the feminine role may be too big for some women to handle. The personal goal should be to try eliminating as much as possible of your feminine role and support other women who do it as well.

It’s always important to critically analyze the decisions you make and not stop at “but it’s my choice!” or “it empowers me!” - if you ever see a radfem claiming such, they’re most likely not familiar with radical feminism at all and only wants to claim the label of being a radical as in “cool” or “extreme”.

- Vixen


azurite22 asked:

What is your opinion on radical feminists and the broader effect they have on feminism?

submissivefeminist answered:

I think radical feminism, at the root, has beneficial components. A lot of the early focus of radical feminists was to bring awareness to sexual assault and sexual harassment, which continue to be very important subjects to raise awareness on. 

That being said. I believe radical feminism has a lot of flaws. I believe the majority of radical feminists, especially on Tumblr, have out-dated opinions on sexuality and gender. Radical feminists often exclude transgender folks from the movement (TERFs) and are also often “kink-critical,” which to me really translates into, “I know best about your sexuality and that is why you cannot make your own decisions.” Many of them also have some really unhealthy perceptions and men and masculinity in the sense where they exclude masculinity from necessary conversations. There is a lot of reasons why I believe radical feminism is no longer an acceptable view-point, honestly but things are more complicated than just labels.

xx SF